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A resort city, the southern Palmyra and the summer capital of Ukraine. Odessa is known not only as an extremely beautiful historic city, but a popular place for beach rest as well. Women are one of the most well-known interests of the city. A strange combination of natural, genetic and cultural factors made our city recognizable in the whole world. It is in Odessa where the most beautiful women live.


Gambrinus is one of Odessa's restaurants famous in Russian literature. It was written about in Kuprin of the same story. The restaurant is more than two centuries old, which is quite impressive. And even in New York, on the famous Brighton Beach, there is a restaurant named in honor of the Odessa's restaurant Gambrinus.
The restaurant Gambrinus is located on the street named after Vice-Admiral Zhukov and on the corner of Deribasovskaya street. Visit this historic place in Odessa and you will definitely have something to tell your friends!
Address: 31 Deribasovskaya str, Odessa, Ukraine

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