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We hope that our interactive map will help you to make a choice of a hotel in Odessa easier. The hotel's location is in downtown.

A resort city, the southern Palmyra and the summer capital of Ukraine. Odessa is known not only as an extremely beautiful historic city, but a popular place for beach rest as well. Women are one of the most well-known interests of the city. A strange combination of natural, genetic and cultural factors made our city recognizable in the whole world. It is in Odessa where the most beautiful women live.

The History of the Odessa`s Hotels

A few words about transportation in Odessa.

Odessa International Airport is located 1.2 km southwest from the city limits. The airport provides international flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities, as well as domestic in Kharkov. From the airport to the city center of Odessa or to hotels along the waterfront, you can reach by the Cable Street - the longest straight street in Odessa, which stretches from the Gagarin Square to the sea port of Odessa.

The Train Station ODESSA-THE MAIN STATION is located near the center of Odessa which is 4 km from the beach, Otrada. From the railway station you can take trains to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Ufa, major Ukrainian cities, as well as take trailer cars in Riga, Krakow, Warsaw, Berlin, Vitebsk and other cities. They have commuter trains to Vinnitsa, Kirovograd, and several other localities. In walking distance from the railway station of Odessa are just three hotels; the 4-star Black Sea Hotel at Richelieu, 4-star Palladium Hotel, and 4-star Chernoye More Hotel. Next to the hotels is the shopping center New Privoz, park Kulikovo field, trading center Srednefontanskiy, Odessa Theatre of Musical Comedy. M. Merman, the regional administration building, Panteleimon monastery(near Railway Square), Central Department Store, and just south of the station is the Business Center Shevchenko, Odessa Regional Council, and Finbank, Imeksbank.

The Passenger station of the Odessa`s seaport , one of the largest in Europe, is considered the base cruise port in Ukraine, and able to take large passenger cruise ships up to 300 meters. On the territory of the yacht marina are the complexes: the church of St. Nicholas, hotel Odessa concert and exhibition hall, offices of travel agencies. A stone's throw from the railway station seaport of Odessa, on the famous Promenade, is the four-star hotel, Londonskaya, owned by the hotel chain, Premier Hotels. In this hotel, Isadora Duncan, Georges Simenon, Marcello Mastroianni and Leonid Cliffs have been guests. The Potemkin staircase connects the seaside boulevard with a marine railway station and sea port of Odessa. Next to the stairs is a funicular (1902). In the center of the boulevard is a monument to Richelieu, near the beginning of Primorsky Boulevard, next to Duma Suare is an area of a municipality of Odessa, and a little farther away is Devolanovskogo descent, the Business Center Marina Plaza at the Customs area.

Historical buildings in Odessa it is something like a district of streets Deribasovskaya, Ekaterineskaya, Sadovaya, Gogol, Pushkin, Lanzheronovskaya, Sobornaya,Bolshaya Arnautskaya, Primorsky Boulevard and Alexandrovskiy Avenue.
The central bus station of Odessa is located between the garden and Moldavanka area, close to the junction at the intersection of streets beginning at the Balkovskoy highway Odessa-Kiev. International routes link the central bus station of Odessa to Varna, Vienna, Dusseldorf, Chisinau, Prague, and cities in Russia which include, Moscow and St. Petersburg and the Baltic cities. From the train station they have buses going to most major Ukrainian cities. Arnautskaja street connects the central bus station in Odessa with Odessa hotels, located near the train station and downtown. In Odessa, there is the bus Privoz, which is located just outside the market Privoz.

Historical buildings in Odessa - a district of streets Deribasovskaya, Catherine, Sadovaya, Gogol, Pushkin, Lanzheronovskoy, the Transfiguration, Grand Arnautskaya, Primorsky Boulevard and Alexander Avenue. In the center of Odessa, there are two three-star hotels in Odessa, Aivazovsky and Frapolli, and two of the four-star hotels in Odessa, Mozart and Continental
Two steps from the Hotel Mozart and Frapolli are Opera and Ballet Theatre, shopping malls in Europe and the Passage Deribasovskaya, retail and office center of Athens on the Greek area shopping center Vuzovskiy between Deribasovskaya and Gogol street. At Cathedral Square, which connects the Deribassovskaya street and gardens, is the Transfiguration Cathedral, Central Post Office, and a circus. On Richelieu street, which begins at the Opera and Ballet, is Holy Trinity Cathedral, and on the parallel Pushkin Street are the museums, Archaeological, Art East and West Marine, Pushkin House, as well as Ilyinsky Cathedral, Philharmonic Hall, and Brodsky Synagogue.