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A resort city, the southern Palmyra and the summer capital of Ukraine. Odessa is known not only as an extremely beautiful historic city, but a popular place for beach rest as well. Women are one of the most well-known interests of the city. A strange combination of natural, genetic and cultural factors made our city recognizable in the whole world. It is in Odessa where the most beautiful women live.

Virtual walk along Odessa: Part 4

Here we are one block from the heart of Odessa, the world-famous Deribasovskaya street. Named in honor of the first mayor of Odessa Joseph de Ribas, who developed the plan for the city and participated in its construction. A small street in the length and width it has no descent to the sea, but nevertheless, it is something special and fascinating because she was the principle legendary street. Perhaps because there is her calm, carefree, homeliness, or perhaps to fall in love with her beautiful architecture, lack of machinery, a series of cozy cafes and shady lindens. Each has their own reason to love this street.

From Deribasovskaya Street we will go into the city park, which is also a city garden. On May 9, 2007 it ended its nearly half-year restoration. And the park is now even better, cozier and more beautiful. A delight to the eye with a new rotunda, and colorful manicured flowerbeds. It has a fountain that became a regular attraction in the city, and in the evening from 21:00 to 23:30 hours it transforms into a light and music spectacle! The spectacle, which is difficult to break away from, provides 4 special facilities, feeds 12 tons of water every minute, uses 5 color backlights, and the musical repertoire is constantly updated.

And of course, remaining in their places are monuments and symbols of Odessa; the statue of a lion and a lioness, a monument to the 12th chair of the story by Ilf and Petrov, and a monument to the famous citizen of Odessa, the actor and singer Leonid Utyosov. We are going to the end of Deribasovskaya Street and turn onto Lanzheronovskaya Street. Before the eyes is another masterpiece of architecture, the Odessa Opera House. The building is executed in the style of Viennese baroque, near Opera house- fomous Odessa hotel Mozart. The facade of the theatre is decorated with various statues of heroes from Greek mythology, and on the gable you can also see the busts of the ingenious creators of Russian art and literature; Pushkin, Glinka, Griboyedov, and Gogol.
Do not forget to visit the cozy place to the left of the main entrance to the theater. This is a patio of the Opera House and it is called the Palais Royal. It’s very peaceful and quiet with only green rustling overhead, the gurgling of Chinese fountain a cozy open-air cafe that‘s open until Autumn.
From the Opera House go through the Lanzheronovskiy descent where you’ll meet the beautiful building of the Archaeological Museum with the statue of Laocoon, a copy of which is located in Italy, as well as the Literary Museum which is interesting not only for its exhibits, but also the Garden of sculptures, which are life-size statues of famous literary heroes of Odessa, near museum located popular Odessa hotel Continental