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A resort city, the southern Palmyra and the summer capital of Ukraine. Odessa is known not only as an extremely beautiful historic city, but a popular place for beach rest as well. Women are one of the most well-known interests of the city. A strange combination of natural, genetic and cultural factors made our city recognizable in the whole world. It is in Odessa where the most beautiful women live.

Odessa. A big city where everyone wants to find their one's place in the sun. The city of possibilities, bright contrasts, advanced youth and entertainments. If you think it is hard to get acquainted with a girl in Odessa, you are very much mistaken. You just have to know the places. A popular Odessa dating server specializing in international dating for women from Odessa and western men offers the following rates of places where it is most easy to come across a girl of your dream.

Shevchenko Cultural Park
The famous Odessa park named by Taras Shevchenko today is the modern center for hanging out: some people roller-skate and ride bikes, some walk along the quay, some dance salsa, and some play games. After being renovated, the park is favorable for communication and easy talks. In summer the cultural park is visited by thousands of people. Therefore, a possibility to come across a beautiful lonely girl is quite high there.

Night-clubs in Odessa are considered to be more popular in summer, but in winter here many young people hang out as well. A half of them are lonely female students. In summer in clubs (except those located in Arcadia, on the seashore) there are not too many people, as there are many other entertainments in the city. Here there is still much positive, a river of alcohol is flowing, length of girls’ skirts is not changing, and girls are ready for new acquaintances and are easy to communicate with. In a night-club you can easily get acquainted and talk even when it is hard to speak because of music.

A supermarket: why not?
In Odessa people come to supermarkets between work and home, usually loaded with common affairs. If you have seen a beautiful young woman in a shop, she must have forgotten to buy something and has just left her home to visit a shop nearby. It is a doubtful affair to try to get acquainted with a girl thinking of what kind of cheese to buy. You will likely get a refusal. In addition, lonely girls don’t often visit supermarkets. Supermarkets are more often visited by married women with children, grannies and elderly men with trolleys.

A fitness-club or a beach: why not?
There seem to be so many advantages! One can easily see a girl’s body. A girl in a tight-fitting sport wear is gracefully running along a race track, makes bends, works with sports equipment, and does situps. These are probably all the advantages. Many girls come to a gym to really work and not to find a lover. Many men in gyms are a preventing factor. You will not certainly look profitable on a background of other sportsmen. When you are getting acquainted with a girl in a street, in metro, in a club or just in real life, a difference is not so obvious. In a fitness-gym everything is for show. The same thing is about beaches as well. In Odessa, a big resort city where the whole seashore is one big beach charming girls in bikini are everywhere. However, one has to be fit enough for acquaintance on a beach to be successful. Well, if you are sure in yourself, it is worth trying.

Exhibitions: why not
The truth is there are not so many girls ready for new acquaintances in ‘cultural places.’ Girls whose interests are far from shopping and nightclubs are interested in art. Girls who are of great men’s demand will not waste their time for galleries and museums.