Forex trading attracts more and more users due to the high profitability of trading with minimal investment of own funds. But the choice of a currency pair, the purchase or sale of trading instruments will bring profit only with the right approach to the trading process.

The strategy is the basis of the trader’s work. It contains a list of rules that market players can use to make the best transaction decisions. It is also necessary to carefully test your chosen strategy trading demo account or a real trading account, with minimum trading lots and leverage.

Forex trading steps

Everyone can learn how to trade Forex step by step. Before you begin practical trading, there are a few things you should do:

Choose the right broker

You cannot operate online without a broker therefore this is the most critical step in forex trading. Ensure the broker has cheap commissions, a user-friendly interface, and, most importantly, a demo account.

Learn the basic terms

You should study the specific terms of trade before you start your journey.

Open a demo account

We recommend a demo account with which you can try Forex without any risk. As a result, you can get your first taste of forex trading without putting your money in danger.

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Arrange a trading software

Some brokers offer their exclusive web trading platforms, while other brokers provide you with specific software or application.

Select a currency pair

You must decide which currency pair to invest in.

Try some trading strategies

An agreed forex strategy necessarily includes four points:

  • certain input signals
  • position sizes
  • management of risks
  • leaving the profession.

Therefore, when deciding on a Forex trading strategy, it is recommended to determine the level of risk acceptable to you and customize algorithms for forex analysis of the market.

Benefits of Using Strategies

A forex strategy is a set of actions that a trader should take when trading in the financial market. The main rule of a trader is to clearly follow the chosen strategy since it is the human factor and the influence of emotions that make the tactics of behavior in the market unprofitable.

As a result, it is extremely difficult for traders, particularly beginners, to select the best trading strategy.

Experienced traders know that there are no perfect trading strategies. What suits one may not suit another trader at all.

Forex strategies have unconditional advantages over unsystematic trading based solely on intuition:

  • Accurate financial transactions;
  • The application of a well-defined action algorithm;
  • Reduction of risk to a minimum level;
  • Achieving a goal with a high success rate;
  • Insurance against mistakes and rash steps;
  • Getting profit in the long run.
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The task of a trader in the Forex market is to benefit from acquiring a trade item at the lowest cost and selling it at the most attractive price. Notice that selecting the incorrect forex broker can result in a negative trading experience.

A Forex trading strategy is the strategic tool of a trader, without which it is impossible to trade consistently and profitably in the foreign exchange market.

A trading strategy is a kind of algorithm that tells a trader when to open trades and when to close them.

Creating your own trading strategy is not a quick and rather laborious task. It is unlikely that you will be able to create a sufficiently effective strategy the first time. However, this is not a reason to despair.

Start with simple systems, gradually increasing in complexity and using more advanced and effective indicators — don’t be afraid to experiment.